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We produce in our production facilities in Hainan complex mineral fertilizers blending nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) . NPK fertilizers are efficient, boasting long-lasting effects and promoting even distribution of nutrients in the soil thus enhancing fertility of the soil.

We source melted urea for the blended products from our own urea production facilities in Hainan, and phosphorus and potassium from third parties. We utilize a melted urea spray technology in producing NPK fertilizers to ensure full resource application of resources and produce at a designed annual production capacity of 50,000 tonnes. In addition, we have engineers who specialize in the blending of primary nutrients to provide high margin, value-added tailor-made blends according to customers’ specifications and needs.

Our high quality “Fudao” NPK fertilizer products are sold mainly in Hainan Province to a wide range of customers, including rubber producers and banana farmers. In the past year, the sales coverage of “Fudao” brand complex fertilizers continued to increase as the products gain reputation, and as such, they have a growing customer base in Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces.

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