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Quality Control
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China BlueChem implements stringent quality control measures in accordance with national standards throughout our production process. Each of our plants, including our future CNOOC Jiantao Methanol Plant, has its own quality control department to ensure product quality meets the standards set by the PRC Government. Fudao Phase I and Fudao Phase II are accredited with ISO9001 certification. Our quality management and control system of our production facilities encompasses the following features:
Production—testing appliances are installed in each production workshop. Quality inspection teams undertake spot tests of both intermediate and finished products on a sample basis to ensure the products comply with the required standards. Testing processes include the checking of physical appearance, composition of nutrients.
Packaging and storage—systematic package and storage procedures are in place to ensure proper packaging and to avoid any damage to the products during storage in warehouses.
Machinery and equipment management—engineers and other personnel conduct regular checks, repairs and maintenance of our production facilities to ensure stable, safe and reliable operation of the production facilities.
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