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The Company is located in an area where economic development has been slow and education facilities are inadequate. To help the locals create wealth and bid farewell to poverty, the Company has time and again made donations to local governments and related groups to support their various causes including education, disaster relief, helping the poor, charity, building of infrastructure, employment and fighting against 'SARS'.

On 28 March 2006, the Company donated RMB108,000 to 10 primary schools in Shisuo Village, Basuo Town, Dongfang City that they might pay for maintenance and construction of the premises and facilities of the schools.
In September 2005, the typhoon 'Demrey' wreaked havoc on Hainan Island. Although the Company also suffered damage, it and CNOCC together donated RMB6 million to Hainan Province to help victims rebuild their homes and start economic production as soon as possible.
On 6 September 2005, 1,153 party and staff members in the Company donated a total of RMB54,000 to children deprived of education from poor families in neighboring villages.
In April 2005, the Company launched the 'Returns to Farmer Programmed' in Hainan Province. It sold Fudao urea products to farmers at prices lower than the government-set RMB40 per tonne minimum retail price. And, to ensure farmers enjoy the maximum benefits, the Company exercised strict factory output price control, streamlined the sale process and requested dealers and agents in different cities and counties to keep a close watch to ensure its urea products were sold at the uniform price of RMB1,840 per tonne. The initiative helped to stabilize the price of urea products on the island and farmers benefited in the total amount of over RMB20 million in just six months.

In the past few years, the Company has donated money and goods of total worth more than RMB10 million to the province. At the same time, we have recruited over 1,100 workers from poor cities and counties including Dongfang and Wu Zhi Shan, etc.
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