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On 27 April 2006, our delegates won various awards in the “Labour Day” fitness contest in Hainan Province. Its fitness regime passionately performed and gained not only warm applauses from the audience, but also won the “Best Contribution Award”, the “Best [Organization/Choreography] Award” and a “Certificate of Merit”.
On 5 March 2006, the troupe committee in the Company rallied its members to visit veteran soldiers residing at the “Guangyong Garden“ in Dongfang City.
On 13 January 2006, the Company was honored as a “Provincial Harmonious Enterprise” at the “Building Harmonious Enterprises in Hainan” Forum organized by the Development and Reform Committee of Hainan Province and related parties.
On 26 October 2005, a visit to the Company was organized for students of Basuo Secondary School in Dongfang City. During the visit, the students came to realize that a modern enterprise should be protective of the environment and abide strictly by international management benchmarks in operation.
On 27 May 2005, the Company was named a “Model Entity of National Unity and Advancement” at the 4th National Unity and Advancement Appreciation Ceremony . The Company is located in the suburb of Hainan Province where minority ethnic groups (Li and Miao Tribes) reside. In recent years, the Company has diligently followed polices of the country and the Communist Party in fostering mutual care, unity and fair development among different ethnic groups and tribes. It has actively contributed to the economic development of minority communities in areas around Dongfang City.
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