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China BlueChem is dedicated to creating a nice working and living environment for its staff. By consistently enhancing different services and facilities, it has built for its staff a clean, safe and comfortable work and living environment. Furthermore, it arranges exciting group activities for its staff and also provides them with a platform for exchange of professional skills, with the aim of fostering in them a strong sense of belonging.

On 8 March 2006, a gathering of over 30 female staff representatives from production Line I, the Methanol projects, the holdings company and operational units discussed passionately topics including development of the Company, occupational health, female mannerism, the career design of female and assistance for hardship, etc. They also thanked the Company for caring about the health, life and work conditions of female workers.
On 20 December 2005, staff of the Company’s transportation fleets organized a very successful road safety event with “Preventing traffic accidents, always ensuring safety on the road” as the theme. The aim of the event was to assure safe operation of the Company’s vehicles and to raise awareness among transportation staff of road safety and in turn foster service quality especially during the Winter Solstice and Chinese New Year holidays.
On 12 November 2005, the Company was named an “National Advanced Enterprise in Fostering Strong Corporate Culture” at the 2005 Sino-foreign Corporate Culture Summit held in Chengdu.
On 22 September 2005, the Company organized a speech contest to encourage exchange of views on production techniques and procedures among staff. The contest had 15 participants from several units including “Chemical Fertilizer Unit I”, “Chemical Fertilizer Unit II”, and laboratory and production management departments. That was one of the many activities organized by the Company to promote sharing of production techniques and technological advancement and innovation, and to speed up grooming of high-quality technicians.
In the afternoon of 7 July 2005, the Company football match concluded after six teams took part in rounds of keen competitions in five weeks.Headquarter team and the Basuo Port team won in the semi-finals and competed for the winning trophy. With the two teams having matching strengths, the competition was fierce. Headquarter team, which demonstrated their football skills and team spirit, was the winner.
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