The concept of social responsibility

Core values

The company shoulders the responsibility of economic development, the responsibility of social development, and the responsibility of continuous development. She is not only an enterprise, but also a cause.

Management philosophy

People-oriented; safety first; open communication; unity and cooperation; integrity as one; pragmatic; science and technology; sincere service; collective priority; fairness; justice; public.

The company to create "green chemical enterprise" as the goal, conscientiously do a good job of environmental protection and resource conservation work, pay close attention to the interests of the company related to environmental demands, take various measures to strengthen energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection work of compliance management, actively build environment-friendly enterprises. The company has been awarded the title of "the benchmarking enterprise of the annual energy leader of the year" in the ammonia and methanol industry of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation for 8 years.